Ammin Youssouf and Haweya Mohamed are the co-founders of Afrobytes.

Both Founders were listed in the Top 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company in 2018 for accomplishing something truly novel that is having an impact on an entire industry.

Afrobytes Founders Ammin Youssouf and Haweya Mohamed

Our mission.

Our mission is to contribute to giving African Tech a global stage.

Afrobytes 7th Edition

Title: "Impossible...Until it's done."

The 5th edition of Afrobytes comes back on Africa Day, May 25th, 2021, with a new format: Online + TV. Didn't we say: "Until it's done 😉?"

2020 trailer

Afrobytes 6th Edition

Title: "The new frontiers of innovative and sustainable agriculture";

After a long period of safety restrictions, we welcomed you back in person to connect with the African Tech Industry in Paris.

2022 speakers

Afrobytes 5th Edition

Title: "Impossible...Until it's done."

The 5th edition of Afrobytes comes back on Africa Day, May 25th, 2021, with a new format: Online + TV. Didn't we say: "Until it's done 😉?"

2020 trailer

The Colors

Afrobytes launches, a community platform dedicated to contributing to the future of Diversity and Inclusion in the Fashion and Beauty Industry.

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Pitch My Country

The "Pitch My Country" concept created by Afrobytes becomes a service platform.

CoVid times

Title: "Impossible...Until it's done."

Back in 2019, when we chose our favorite quote of Nelson Mandela as a title for the 2020 edition, we could not imagine how premonitory it would be 🙇🏾.

2020 canceled edition trailer


Afrobytes partners with WAN to produce the Pan-African event WAN.
👉🏾 + 200 artists.
👉🏾 20 startups showcased on TV during the show.
👉🏾 Broadcasted on 31 Public and private TV stations in 16 African countries.

WAN TV Show trailer

Afrobytes 4th Edition

Title: "Where Do We Go From Here?"

First Afrobytes edition at Station F in Paris, the world's biggest startup campus.

2019 Highlights

Pitch My Country II

More countries participate in the "Pitch My Country" format: Ghana, Morocco, DRC Congo, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa.

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Afrobytes 3rd Edition

Title: "The Rise Of the African Tech Industry."

Afrobytes amplifies its global footprint with events organized in Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Nairobi, Addis Ababa and London.

2018 edition in a nutshell

Global recognition

Haweya and Ammin are in the Top 100 Most Creative People in Business list by Fast Company in 2018.

It is the first time two French and African entrepreneurs of the same company are simultaneously named in this prestigious list.

Fast Company's list

Pitch My Country

Afrobytes tests the "Pitch My Country" format with Nigeria and Ethiopia and it's a hit.

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Afrobytes 2nd Edition

Title: "Bring Back Our Narrative."
Afrobytes is one of the only fully independent Tech Events platforms dedicated to Africa led by African descent entrepreneurs in Europe.

2017 edition in a nutshell

African Americans

African Americans join the community. Representatives from Black Entreprise, Quartz USA and TechCrunch and Africa Diaspora Network USA participate in the third edition.

Hear it from Sinclair Skinner, BillMari

Global Tech actors

Companies such as Facebook or GitHub join the community and identify Afrobytes as a key actor to connect African entrepreneurs across borders, whether they are on the continent, Europe, or the USA.

Hear it from Emeka Afigbo, Facebook

Afrobytes 1st edition

Title: "Building a connection point."
Afrobytes is creating a connection point between the African Tech Ecosystems and other Tech communities.

Hear it from Ashley Lewis, Accion

First time

It is the first time the French Speaking and English Speaking African Tech Ecosystems are gathered under one roof.

Hear it from Larry Madowo, The BBC

Le Medef

To mark the idea that Africa is not a "charity case," the founders decide to launch the first edition of Afrobytes at Le Medef, one of the largest professional organizations in Europe with approx. 700000 members

Hear it from Pierre Gattaz, Medef