thecamp, Afrobytes and the leading organizations of the African innovation and creativity ecosystem, are jointly committed to seeking out and inviting young talents from Africa to participate in the upcoming Hive#03 collaborative residency!

Starting March 21, 2019, thecamp will be hosting around 20 young creative talents from all over the world for its next collective residency aimed at hacking the future.
During six months of total immersion, the participants will work together to produce innovative projects. This season, Hive #03 and Afrobytes are pooling their efforts to seek out and invite young talent from Africa. Candidates have until September 30 midnight to apply.

The future Hivers will be recruited from all over the world.

Recruitment process

Key dates in the Hive#03 recruitment process


  • Launch of the call for applications: August 20, 2018
  • Closing of the call for applications: September 30, midnight
  • Selection announcement: October 15, 2018
  • Start of Hive #03: March 21, 2019

Reinforcing the residency’s global approach




thecamp X Afrobytes: For Hive#03, thecamp and Afrobytes are jointly committed to seeking out and inviting young talent from Africa.

The Hive is a collaborative residency to hack the future


Don’t miss the opportunity to join 20 young creatives for 6 months and hack the future of Africa.

Link for application:

How to be one of the 20 Selected:

For the record, the 40 Hive #01 and #02 "graduates" came from numerous countries including Senegal, Colombia, Lithuania, Portugal, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada and the United States.

The selection criteria are not based on qualifications but on each person's recognized skills, the assessment based on their portfolios and supporting documents relating to past projects. The sought-after profiles include artists, designers, makers, programmers, engineers, and innovation managers...

The selection decision is also based, for a large part, on human qualities. A Hiver needs to show curiosity, cooperativeness, and kindness. He or she must have a sense of responsibility and commitment with regard to the major issues facing our planet and be eager to rub shoulders with people from very different backgrounds. Being just slightly crazy also helps!

6 months.
Conferences & Workshops.
Housing in a 14 sq. m. private room.
Food. Laundry. Sports.
EURO 600 fellowship/month. You don’t need a degree - self-taught candidates welcome!
No age limit.

What is The Hive?

The Hive is the creative nucleus of thecamp


The base camp for exploring the future is located in Aix-en-Provence.

The Hive is an artistic residency dedicated to collaborative creation. Each year, two classes of 20 talented young people from all over the world and with complementary skills are hosted in total immersion within thecamp’s fertile ecosystem of CEOs, start-ups, schoolchildren, mentors, international experts…

The residency program, which is unique in the world


The residency program provides them with methodological, financial and human resources to help them produce collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects.

Together, and with the other explorers at thecamp, they try to find ways of improving tomorrow’s world and making it more human and more sustainable. The sole stipulation is that the projects provide solutions for the 17 sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations (hunger, education, sustainable cities, life in the oceans…).

The Hive - A Reservoir of Innovative Projects


The first Hive produced a total of seven inspiring prototypes for Changing Tomorrow’s World.

After Beeyond, the intelligent, autonomous drone that analyzes air quality
Capsule, the interactive olfactory installation that questions chance encounters
Interlude, the digital and artistic installation that allows users to reconnect with themselves

What will the next projects be for the future generations?



Apply the HIVE #3, March 21 – September 30 2019 at thecamp, Aix-en-Provence, France

The Hive Life at thecamp. Join thecamp to contribute to a more sustainable future.

A world-class base camp for exploring the future!

Practical info


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