African consumers are becoming global trendsetters. Our mission is to help you outpace your competitors, lead your markets, and accelerate growth.

As a collaborative company, we build the future through open collaboration with startups and companies involved in Africa.

We focus on applications that have a transformative potential to improve conditions for people and businesses.

Join our community driven by creativity, spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. We will help people understand the way you want to shape their future.

"The new raw material of Africa is the Data"

Ammin Youssouf- Founder & CEO

We focus on our client's most critical issues and opportunities in Africa.

Africa is the next mass market for international competition and offers the best return on investment.

Building successful technological strategies in Africa starts with a deep understanding of what is valuable to people in their social and cultural context.

Afrobytes supports growth-oriented entrepreneurs. More than partners, we provide you everything to help you to voice your value and build sustainable success. Our ambition is to take your company to the next level by allowing you to grow in a market designated as the last business frontier.

" Create with significant impact is our mantra! "

Haweya Mohamed - Founder & Head of Communications

Afrobytes is a collaborative platform gathering talents for growth and innovation.

The ambition of Afrobytes ecosystem is to be at the heart of the collaboration for innovation and entrepreneurship between Africa and global tech ecosystems.

In Africa, growth in business technology is leading the way with a thirst for innovative services. Innovation hubs are continuing to spring up across the continent and are developing services

that revolutionize commerce, transportation, farming, healthcare… In short, all areas of human activities. As we believe that the digital revolution in Africa should be driven by a human centered approach, we empower the people who work with us to make an Impact.

We build our ecosystem with the desire to create an environment filled with some of the brightest minds with the sole focus of encouraging innovative partnerships.

At Afrobytes when we build projects, we always consider inclusive growth as a top priority. For us, making an impact is the key to the success of the next-generation services we want our community to invent.

We operate with the highest ethical standards, incorporating responsible innovation at the heart of our activities.

We designed Fair Digital to be an inspiring and stimulating innovation ecosystem between African Tech Industry and global tech ecosystems.


Professor of Economics at INSEAD